I like watching the Oscars in the same way that one enjoys picking a scab: it’s indescribably satisfying, even though it also kind of hurts. Is that gross? Yes. Super gross. Sorry. Not a good way to start a blog entry! The reason I make that analogy is this: […]

‘Last Ditch Therapy’ at the California Film Awards

Article from SocialHollywoodMagazine.com  – thanks Ashley Avis! LOCAL ARTISTS MAKE VALENTINE’S DAY A CINCH Santa Monica-based theater company puts on free Shakespeare event on February 14th LOS ANGELES, January 24, 2013 – Brooke Bishop, 24, and Allison Volk, 26, founders of The City Shakespeare Company, strive to make classic theater […]

Tickets Available for ‘Taming of the Shrew’

Not too long ago I was sitting in a screening/talkback event at the SAG Foundation when I had an epiphany. The lead actress of some cable series which I don’t watch was discussing her life as an actor in Los Angeles. She was gorgeous and glamorous and just the right […]

The City Shakespeare Company

It’s official: Last Ditch Therapy (the film I wrote, co-produced with Marianna Ladas, and acted in) has been selected for the BuShorts International Film Festival in Budapest, Hungary! This year the festival received 1,844 submissions and only chose 86 to be screened. We’re so excited to have been selected! This […]

Last Ditch Therapy Official Selection

I remember the day I first saw a Backstage Magazine. I was in Connecticut, studying theater-making at the Eugene O’Neill Theater Center. It was mealtime, and students and teachers were gathered around tables in the small dining hall, talking, laughing and passing around a magazine. It doesn’t look much like […]

Allison Volk in Help Wanted