From the Set of ‘Othello’



Last week, I produced a three-day shoot of some scenes from Shakespeare’s Othello alongside LMU professor Mikael Kruzreigler and his dedicated crew of LMU students. We shot on the LMU sound stage and the results were terrific.

I’m excited about this project because it proves several things to me:

Othello at LMUFilm Making Doesn’t Have to Be Hard

Sure, there will always be a certain level of stress when producing film, especially when you’re working on a shoestring budget. Will this person be available? What’s going to happen when we (inevitably) go over budget?

But when you’re working with a team who’s passionate and knows what they’re doing, it doesn’t have to be a hair-pulling, eye-gouging experience I had somehow come to expect. In fact, it can be downright fun.

LMU tv stageCollaboration is the Key to Life

Thanks to my friends and good collaborators at The City Shakespeare Company, casting for this project fell together like a no-brainer. Not only that, but company members who normally are actors volunteered to coordinate the food on set, take photos, and make sure paperwork got filled out.

It would have been impossible to throw together this project without the dedication of a team of solid professionals. Now I really understand why support is so important. The people who love you bring your dreams to fruition.

Allison Volk on SetWhen You Have the Balls to Ask for what You Want, You’ll Probably Get It

This experience solidifies my love for assertiveness and persistence when crafting a career in entertainment. Being brave and asking for what you want will always move you forward. Even if you don’t receive “the thing” you asked for, you will receive something – it might look a lot different, but it will certainly move you forward, if only in the realm of growth.

Thank you to everyone who made this project happen. I’m so grateful… and I can’t wait to see what’s next !