Last Ditch Therapy

Last Ditch Therapy from Marianna Ladas on Vimeo.


Last Ditch Therapy received the 2012 Gold Award at the California Film Awards

In 2011, I wrote, acted in, and co-produced the short film Last Ditch Therapy with director Marianna Ladas. The film premiered at the Budapest International Short Film Festival in 2012, and won the Gold Award in the Short Film Competition at the 2012 California Film Awards.

Over the course of about a year, Marianna and I developed the story line, raised money, and pulled together talented artists and film makers in our first real attempt to make a film. We spent months learning by doing – and believe me, there were some very challenging moments (what do you do when your line producer calls and tells you that you owe $12,000 by the end of the month?).

There were great moments in writing the script: Marianna and I would have a meeting at her house, read the pages and talk about what felt right. Then I’d go home and type it out. Dale and Larissa were supposed to be your average American couple who just happened to stumble upon this wacky “therapist” and through their experience come together, realizing what is actually most important. The story naturally evolved as production went along, and thanks to the performance of terrific actors and dancers, the script skeleton blossomed into breathing story.


Last Ditch Therapy premiered at the BuSho International Short Film Festival in Budapest, Hungary

Last Ditch Therapy was completed in spring 2012, and the growth I experienced during the year was priceless. Looking back from the other side, I realize how important and special it is to continue working toward creative expression. I’m most proud of the community Marianna and I created for our project; there’s really nothing like being on a buzzing set filled with cast and crew members who are excited about the work.

I’m really grateful for Marianna, the cast of Last Ditch Therapy and the crew. A very special thank you to all of our generous donors, supporters, friends and family, especially Lisa and Steve Volk, who have loved and supported me from the very beginning (and I’m pretty sure they will until the end, too).