Crazy Deany is Now in Production!

Crazy Deany and the Day She Strangled Her Boss copy 2

There’s nothing quite as satisfying as being on set shooting a film – especially when it’s YOUR film and you’re surrounded by really talented actors and dedicated crew!

This January, theΒ Crazy Deany and the Day She Strangled Her Boss team is hard at work shooting the script. And yeah, it’s pretty cold in Los Angeles (“pretty cold” being a relative phrase, of course) but we’re getting it done anyway!

Here’s to the artists who create their own work, who push forward even when they’re totally exhausted and maybe even feeling grumpy. Here’s to the human spirit being expressed through film. I love it here.

Stay tuned for more information on the film, which stars Colin Martin, Christopher Glenn Cannon, Sarah Siadat, Paul Tigue, Melanie LeeAnn Miller, Wendy Wilkins, Kaitlin Huwe, Paulina Bugembe, Nicholas Thurkettle, Ben Horwitz and Allison Volk. Directed by Mikael Kreuzriegler.