I remember my first audition in LA very clearly. It was at a facility called CAZT. When CAZT approached me to write a blurb about them on my blog, I jumped on the opportunity to reminisce about that first audition…

It was September of 2008, I was new to the city and barely knew my way around. A manager/career coach I was working with emailed me and said that he knew someone who knew someone, and got me an audition!

Wow, that was easy! I thought to myself.

I showered, did my hair, dressed, undressed, and dressed again to make it “perfect.” I thought my boobs were too big so I wore a sports bra to try to smash ’em down a little bit, and wore a white cardigan to try to look young and innocent (right, like 22-year-old fresh-from-Colorado girl needed a cardigan to look naive!).

First Audition in LA

Arrived right on time, parked, and walked to the casting office, CAZT. The lobby was quiet, and filled with actors going over lines and – wow – they all looked amazing.

I signed in, sat on the sofa, and looked over the lines. What nerves!

The casting director called me in with another girl, a blond. She was shorter than me, and wore a bright pink top with a jean miniskirt. What a contrast to my brown, knee-length dress and buttoned-up cardigan! I remember feeling like I had dressed all wrong.

We did the audition, the CD thanked us and she stopped me at the doorway.

“You have a beautiful headshot!” She said. I beamed. It must be a sign that I’m destined for stardom!

I was sure that I would hear back from that audition. Soon enough, I got an email from CAZT, but it wasn’t exactly what I was expecting.

It was a link to the website. And there was video from my audition, that I could watch.

The way CAZT works, you sign in with not only your name, but also your email address. After the audition, the casting director must upload the video and any notes for the actor. This way, the actor can watch herself afterward.

And watching the audition was amazing. It was the first time I saw myself audition, and I saw it from the casting director’s perspective (yes, there were definitely some things that could use improvement).

Recently CAZT has updated their website to add a profile option, where an actor can upload their headshot, resume and contact information. There is also a section for audition notices where an actor can submit herself for consideration.

Maybe what is the most interesting is the option to “share your video.” This means I can make an audition public so other women who auditioned for the same part can see my audition, and I can see theirs.

At first I was really put off by this (“I don’t want them to know my secret moves! I’m not sharing!”) and it took me until today to get up the guts to actually share an audition, but I did. And I watched two other auditions from other women (mine was the best). (Just kidding).

What I like the most about CAZT is that I can still access those old auditions. I’ve been to CAZT several times since that balmy September day, and it’s fun to go back and see the progress I’ve made over the last two and a half years. It’s a good reminder to just keep on truckin’!