The City Shakespeare Company branches into film with Macbeth-inspired feature, Heat of Deeds


SANTA MONICA, September 10, 2014 – The City Shakespeare Company has kept Santa Monica humming with Shakespeare for the last two years, and now they’re taking their ensemble to Colorado for a month to tackle the next hurdle: independent film.


Company founders Brooke Bishop and Allison Volk are co-producing the project together under the name Aura Productions. Bishop is directing the film, and Volk will play the Lady Macbeth character. She also wrote the screenplay.


The script is a modern English/Shakespearean text hybrid, which zooms in on one night in the Macbeths’ story: the night of King Duncan’s murder. Although it is inspired by Macbeth, and borrows text from the original play, it isn’t a strict adaptation. Volk added characters, changed names and flushed out many components that are only hinted at in the original text.


Volk states, “We wanted to really look at what that night was like. What would it really take to kill your king? What circumstances have to already be in place in order to make that option look appealing?”


The cast is heavy with Los Angeles- and Denver- based Shakespearean actors, including Gregory Linington as Duncan (who recently played Mercutio in SCLA’s production of Romeo & Juliet) and Colin Martin (who recently played Hamlet with The California Shakespeare Company) as Eónan, the Macbeth character.


Cast List
Gregory Linington              Duncan
Colin Martin                        Eónan
Allison Volk                         Katherine
Jason Coviello                     Patrick
Caylie Kalmbach                 Jeni
David Hartstone                 Kevin
Mallory Wedding                Natalie
Gilbert Martinez                 Desmond
Jennifer DeDominici           Aileen
Leslie O’Carroll                    Karen
Jen Jorgensen                      Witch
Olivia Hendrick                   Witch
Daniel Landberg                 Lenox
Kieffer Denning                  Angus
Kristin Keating                    Janice


Shooting begins September 25th outside of Denver, Colorado, and the company plans to submit the film to festivals mid-2015.