We Survived Hurricane Iselle

I just got back from Hawaii. It was an awesome trip… although somewhat uncomfortable for most of the time!


Annie (my sister) and I decided to go on a yoga retreat to take a little break from our businesses (she’s a private chef and cooks constantly). Little did we know that we had planned to be in Hawaii on the exact same days that Hurricane Iselle had planned to be there – and we were staying in Puna, the part of the Big Island that was hardest hit.



As soon as the storm came, the whole yoga retreat campus lost power and running water. Trees were completely uprooted, but no one was hurt. The path down to the beach was washed away. The National Guard came in to help clear roads, and FEMA began distributing food to locals who lost power.


Something about this trip helped me really connect with myself. I read two Shakespeare plays, chased lots of geckos and practiced lots of yoga. I also ate chocolate cake – three times – and played many rounds of Crazy 8′s (I think everyone got addicted, because we played constantly).


Now that I’m back in Los Angeles in the crazy world of 70-emails-a-day and pre-production for Heat of Deeds, I’m really glad that I had that experience. Something about it really helped me center myself, and feel grounded.


That’s all I got for today. Talk to you next week!